UNDERRATED is for the great ones...

UNDERRATED is for you.

Let the world know who our #1 is!

If you know, you know.
If you don’t, you will.

UNDERRATED is for you.


Maryland born and bred.

Not rated or valued highly enough.

Being underrated has done nothing but make Marquez Cooper into the dynamic player that he is today.

Through his brand, he will continuously be dedicated to giving back and helping his community.

~ Est. 2002 ~




Thanking Marquez  for designing a great product, not only does his clothing line make a statement, the quality of the product is fabulous.  
We also have to give thanks to his Mom for putting in all the blood, sweat and tears in making this possible! 

Margaret Ison

Great quality!! Soft, stylish, comfy and warm. I love how the pants are gathered at the ankle and the back pocket is a great feature for men. The branding and messaging is on point!  May God bless you and I wish you all the success on and off the field!


Fits perfect and it's comfortable. Nice and thick. It shows that you guys put love in this brand, definitely made to last a long time. you.

Antione Theman

I feel represented when I wear this brand, my go to from now on.

T, Moore.

I love this brand and everything it stands for.

R, Green.
Los Angeles, CA